March 14, 2022

Dream. Dream. Dream.

“You are absolutely capable of creating the life you can’t stop thinking about.  Stop living in your head. It’s time to make your dreams happen. “-Unknown

Dream. Dream. Dream. Our lives are a journey. Your super power is you!

No one else has lived the life you have or dreamed your dreams. Your gifts are your own, your talents are inherent to you, your drive is yours alone, your instincts -given to you, your passions…..all yours!

Tap into that life to create your dream.

My passion is small retail brick and mortar businesses. I love creating experiences and being present for people and community.  To see how my knowledge benefits other retail brick and mortars and gives them ideas and direction they normally wouldn’t have -I love that!!!  How do you turn your dreams of a brick and mortar into reality? By using the knowledge of what I have learned to give you the opportunity to not only have a jump start, but to hit the retail world with momentum, meaning and well on your way to flourishing. 

What are the top three things you need to take your dream to reality?

1.  A Dream.

Write it down. All of it. Your dream and why you want it. Create physical or virtual boards with the things that inspire you, the things that you love and are excited about, colors, ideas, thoughts- visuals are so very helpful in keeping your dream in front of you and developing it into reality. Feed it daily.

Spend the time to study or gain more knowledge on the areas that are not your strengths. Be your best advocate. 

2. Passion.

If you have passion for what you are doing and what you are creating, that will come across in all you do. You will want your customers to be excited about what you are offering because they can visibly see that you are excited about it first. You will have ups and downs.  You will need your absolute love of what you are doing to see you through. If you don’t believe in you, others won’t either. 

3. Drive.

You will not get what you want or where you want to be unless you have drive. You need to do the work, put in the effort and show up daily for your dream. As a small business owner you are your own boss. You have to be self motivated to do everything that comes with owning your own business.

You will have many roles:  marketing, accounting, buying, merchandising, designing, customer service and janitorial work as well-to name a few. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!  

“If it’s important you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse. “ – Unknown

Who am I to help you?

I have owned three successful businesses and created three retail shops from scratch to fruition to profit. For 28 years I had a thriving career as a travel consultant. I co-owned the agency for 11 of those years. Customer service was a high priority. Loyalty was huge. Creating magic was my job. Then I leapt into the retail world with no experience whatsoever in that world. But I brought who I was and what I had learned about people, places and things as well as a belief in myself and my dream. Vintique – A vintage and retro boutique was born. I learned the hard way to do things. This is where I have value.Education is expensive one way or another. If I would have had someone like me to consult with when I first opened, I could have leapt from year one to year three. There were many missed opportunities and lost first impressions. I wasn’t afraid to try things though and by doing that, failing fast and gaining loyalty I built a thriving retail business. Seven years in I saw a need for a gift/home decor shop in our downtown and I leapt again. By using everything that I had learned previously to Hit the ground running, Red Door Mercantile started at about the same momentum that Vintique had by year 4. That was huge and has made all of the difference. I am very active in day to day operations as well as being the primary buyer for my shop. I have my finger on the pulse of our industry and I continue to learn every single day. I am my biggest competitor. I look at everything through my customers eyes. Flourishing is not an option it is my destination daily. 

You don’t know until you know!

I can save you time, energy, missed opportunities or worse – missed first impressions and unnecessary expense.

I know without a doubt that my knowledge and experience can make a difference as you dream, start your journey, or you are in the middle of trying to make it happen, have hit a bump in the road or if you have gotten off the path and need a clear vision to get up and running again.

I have helped others and I can help you. My talents, knowledge and insight will allow you to hit the ground running. You will benefit from my experiences and lived expertise. 

Knowledge is power. Knowledge can show you how to take a dream from conception to reality. With knowledge, your start can be completely different than without it. 

So I invite you to allow me to join you on your journey. Think of me as your guide-

To flourish!

Dream. Consult. Flourish.
Tina Louise

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