March 14, 2022

What is in a greeting?

“A simple smile, a cheerful hello or a word of encouragement…what an impact you will have. “-Zig Ziglar

What is in a greeting? A lot!!!

When I was a travel consultant, I travelled the world and looked at everything from my clients point of view.What would they think?  What would they like to do? How would they use this service?  What are some wonderful things to do here?

I had the special blessing one time of taking a guided shopping tour of Paris through some of the arrondisements – or different areas of the city. It was fantastic. 

The one thing that stood out and that I have never forgotten, was how the shop owners greeted us upon entry and upon departure from their shop. The shop owners believed that their customers were coming into their home. They put their energy, time, heart and soul in creating a shop for those guests to come into-it truly is like you go into their home. So they would definitely greet a guest coming into their home to make them feel welcome as well as say goodbye to them upon their departure. Right?

Yes, they would!

That is spot on. I try very hard to make sure our customers are greeted with a smile and a hello when they enter the shop. On the same token I say goodbye and thank you for coming when they leave. It makes sense!You are the face of the shop. They want to feel like they are welcome!  Smile. Kindness. Happy. All important. 

When the shop is really busy, that is the goal after all, it’s hard to greet everyone as they come in. So I make them feel welcome in other ways. I try to let people know I’m there if they need me by walking through, smiling or just being close by. Not hovering!  But just being there so I am easily accessible. 

The shop front is happy. Seasonal flowers in my planters. Clean windows. On trend and timely window displays. Good lighting. Branded colors. 

Cleaning. Straightening. Restocking. These are constants. Important for the day to day operations but also reflective on what your shop is about. It’s a feeling. It should be a happy feeling.  

Music playing. Music that fits your vibe whatever that may be. We create multiple playlists for different times of the year. Music that fits the season. We buy an Amazon subscription that allows us to download music into our playlists without commercials. 

Pretty little vignettes!I love creating beautiful settings for our customers to enjoy!!!They really appreciate it too!  It’s not just merchandise thrown on a shelf or on a table. It’s curated and tells a story. 

It’s important to me to make sure our customers love their experience in the shop.It should be just as important to you. I love when I customer tells me they just needed to come in-to feel better, to have some zen, to be inspired, to be listened to, to have someone call them by name. Learn from your customers. Love what you do. 

When you open your brick and mortar, you will bring everything you have learned, experienced or felt into your creation.Your values, relationships, loves-they will all play a part.  They will also cause you to grow, evolve and change as needed. Embrace your roots. Love who you have become. Dig deep and blaze your own trail. 

Think of me as your guide to – Flourish. 

Dream. Consult. Flourish.

Tina Louise

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