Open The Door

Dream Big. 
An initial consult to see if I can be of service.
In person or via zoom. 
Time to hear your dream
See your vision.
Feel your drive.
Email me today to find out if I can be of assistance. 
Begin your journey. 

Step one:

You've got a dream!

Why am I doing this-How can I help?
From the moment you choose to take the steps to make your dream happen - Consult with me.  
One question or 100. One step or as many as it takes. You don’t know until you know.  
I can save you time, energy, missed opportunities or worse - missed first impressions and unnecessary expense.
I know without a doubt that my knowledge and experience can make a difference as you dream, start your journey, are in the middle of trying to make it happen, have hit a bump in the road or if you have gotten off the path and need a clear vision to get up and running again.  
I have helped others and I can help you. My talents, knowledge and insight will allow you to hit the ground running. You will benefit from my experiences and lived expertise. 
Knowledge is power. Knowledge can show you how to take a dream from conception to reality. With knowledge your start can be completely different than without it.
Choose how we might help you best.
Getting you from page 1 to 500 so that you hit the ground running when your shop opens is what I love to do. 
*Helping you get from Dream to Launch
*One question or 100 questions.
*Vendor list/Vendor sources
*Market-How to go, when to go, where to go, what to buy, what to look for, how to navigate, how much to order, when to bring it in, terms or no terms.

Step two:


Navigate and excel in the world of brick and mortar. Have an ally, a source for questions that you will have as you navigate your dream. Consulting with me will get you from not knowing where to start to being confident and excited to move forward.
I am also a valuable cheerleader!
Just SOME of the items I can assist with-
*Doing a revamp or new layout on an existing shop.
*Consult by the hour and cover a topic you have questions on or need information about.
*How to create vignettes or stories within your shop.
*Creating an experience shop.
*How to make your shop a destination.
*Attracting, training and keeping fantastic staff.
*Marketing dos and don'ts.
*Events-How to create fun and meaningful events.
*Retail - What to expect and when.
*To sale or not to sale.
*The value of resetting-HowWhen to,
Or if it has to do with brick and mortar retail -ask!

Step three:


Passion for what you do. Drive to make it happen. Love to stay the course - Love of life, community and people.
       Never stop learning and always keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Brick and Mortar is here to stay.
Experience shopping is needed.

What you will need


Retail Business Consulting