March 21, 2022

Easter Egg Hunt & Dessert Love!

“Easter egg hunts are proof that your kids can find things when they really want to”


Set the tone!

Easter Egg Hunt & Dessert-Love!

Easter is a celebration of life. It is joy. It is color.

Pure joy to me is bringing all of these things together in the form of a beautiful table setting for your guests and having an Easter Egg Hunt with dessert -hopefully outside weather permitting!

Think about your guests ahead of time so that your Easter Egg Hunt is very special and geared towards your guests. What do I mean?

Set your table. I love celebrations and I love to decorate. So I will create and indoor table for our brunch and an outdoor table (weather permitting) for the dessert and Easter Egg Hunt.

Start with a charger. I use a wide variety of items for this. Place mats are awesome and easy. If you have little ones, have them color a picture for each guest and use that as the charger-that gives them a fun project and its very personal for your guest to have something made with love to take home. Then set the place setting. Use your favorite china or paper plates should you choose! I love having cloth napkins that are washable, but paper works great too! For the centerpiece-do what is comfortable for you. You can purchase a gorgeous floral arrangement as a centerpiece. Or find second hand vases very cheaply at the local thrift shop and purchase tulips of all colors–or one color. Place the vases down the center of the table, like a runner, and fill them with tulips or daffodils or roses. Its your choice. If you are doing the work of setting a table-you should be the one to have fun with it and enjoy it as well. Or take some decor from other areas of your home to create a unique table centerpiece. The key is to have fun, make your guests feel welcome and have it fit the occasion. I also love to put a little something next to each person’s place setting. Like a little moss bunny, or a small dish with candy or a wrapped chocolate bunny. We do an Easter brunch, so our set up is a buffet. But I still create place settings for each person.

For the outdoor table-

Bring out desserts and beverages to enjoy outside for the kids and the adults. It is such a great way for all to have fun and celebrate life as well as time with each other

First-Have enough eggs that each person has a color designated to them. That way you can gear the insides of the eggs towards the age of the child, including teens and young adults. There are so many different colors and styles of plastic eggs now available. I purchase enough to make sure to hide a minimum of 6 eggs per person, but its personal choice!

Second-Size of eggs: Buy some small eggs- (perfect for M & M’s or jelly beans), medium ones for wrapped chocolates and large ones (these I hide coins, little gift cards or notes in). I love to hide the large eggs in a bit more difficult spot. It is fun to include gift cards from coffee shops or ice cream places for the older kids. McDonalds certificates or the candy shop is another option. My favorite thing to do though is to put a personal note in for each of the Easter Egg hunters. Because you choose the color in advance for each participant, you can make the note you write meaningful to that person. If you don’t like writing notes, include a quote that might pertain to what that person loves, may be going through, or age appropriate.

Third-The golden egg. I always hide at least one golden egg. In a difficult spot. This egg has either cash in it or it is empty-which means the person that finds it gets the gift. I prepare a fun gift bag in advance with cool goodies for the one that finds the empty golden egg.

Make sure you don’t hide the eggs too far in advance. Check the weather to make sure its going to be ok to have it outside. We hide our eggs the day of hunt. For two reasons-if its wet or any type of moisture, that does affect the content of the eggs. Also-you will be amazed at how many you forget where you hide them. I would suggest taking pictures!

Dessert Table. Plan for all ages. I love having a combination of desserts to enjoy. Lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, cut-out cookies-they all make great desserts to enjoy during the hunt. Bring out coffee or tea, ice water or punch to enjoy as well!

Enjoy life and each other. Have fun!

Think of me as your guide to flourish.

Tina Louise

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