About Tina Louise

My passion is small business, creating experiences and being there for people. My drive is to share my knowledge to turn dreams of those wishing to start their own business into reality. Using the knowledge of what I’ve learned to give you the opportunity to jumpstart and hit the ground running. 

The road less traveled-thats me. The paths that require the machete to get through-those have been my paths. Has it been easy-No-but definitely worth it. They have made me who I am today. 

My name is Tina Louise and I love and believe in feeding dreams.

Deep Insights- A specialty travel consultant for 28 years, Co-owning for 11 years of that time, allowed me to learn cultures, the power of research, the difference quality makes, patience, how to handle stress, how to work with a wide variety of people, the value of relationships, all the details of business, marketing and working with other business professionals. 

I traveled the world and came home for love. Because- Life is beautiful and so is our world. Nothing beats living life, being present and enjoying experiences.

I knew for a long time that I would own a shop one day. I followed my dreams, listened to my instincts and used my loves, gifts and passions to create a unique shop for our community.
So after 28 years, a successful career, a huge clientele as well as financial benefits-I quit. Dreams, drive and passion took over and without any retail experience I opened a Vintage and Retro boutique in the heart of my hometown. It was a smashing success-but not instantly, it took a long time, lots of energy, there were many missed opportunities and unnecessary expenses. Seven years in- my dreams, drive and passion took over once more and I opened a second shop across the street- A Mercantile. A place where our community could find unique gifts, decor, unusual and found items as well as local goods. A modern day general store. Another success-6 years going strong. I took what I had learned from my first experience and applied it to this shop. The difference was night and day. I have owned 3 businesses and created 3 brick and mortar retail shops from scratch. I write from a place of experience.

Life is now

My sister had a dream to have her own boutique. She had no idea how to begin, what steps to take, how to lay out her shop, what to buy, how much to buy, where to go to buy, how to achieve the look she had in mind…...from conception to grand opening. Knowledge is expensive one way or another. I assisted her throughout the process to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes that she would have encountered without my expertise, guidance and shared knowledge. She started on page 500! Three successful years later, she and her shop are a beloved part of our downtown.

I am a bit of anomaly- I believe in brick and mortar experiences all the way! I know online shopping is here to stay. However- People value and need human interaction. To experience our community with those we love, with our friends and our families is not only enjoyable, it is food for our soul.

One of the ways we do that is to go to experience shops. Yes-we experience shops. Shops that call you in with a fantastic window display or front entrance. Welcome you in - in more ways than one. Provide the unexpected. Create a zen, a peace or just a lovely place to enjoy! Shopping in a shop like that is therapy to some, a date to others, a time to be inspired, an afternoon with the girls, a perfect gift shopping mission, a nostalgic visit with family…..the list goes on.

Our lives are a journey. Your super power is you! No one else has lived the life you have or dreamed your dreams. Your gifts are your own, your talents are inherent to you, your drive is yours alone, your instincts given to you, your passions…..all yours! Tap into that life to create your dream. Your life’s journey is you.

This is your story and I am here to help you tell it.
Open the door to life, to your dreams-to the you that you wish to be.

Dream Big. Start Here